About me

I have been doing wedding photography in Limerick and Clare, over a period of more than twenty five years and I have developed a distinctive technique encompassing traditional and contemporary styles. This helps me stand out in a very crowded wedding photography market.

I undertake a maximum of forty weddings per year and I photograph each one personally. Of course the photography is only part of the job. Each wedding consumes up to three days of my time; this includes consultations with the clients, digital post production and album design.

The following is a brief summary of some of the points which I feel will be helpful for you to know:

Lots of candid pictures are taken capturing the fine detail and once off moments.
Formal pictures are done with the minimum of fuss.
The entire job is accomplished efficiently, unobtrusively and in a totally relaxed manner.
Having over 25 year’s experience of photographing weddings, I can be relied on to be able to deal with all situations.
I am very conscious of the time factor at weddings; the schedule is carefully planned.
I make every effort to ensure that the Bride and Groom really enjoy the photographs.

A Wedding Album becomes a Family Heirloom; it pays to have it done properly.
All our wedding albums and wedding books are custom made with the highest quality materials and all our photographs are printed on archive quality paper.